On my lover as a mango

I peeled his skin off with my teeth and bit into luscious flesh. His very essence would try and seep through my fingers, dripping, running down; rivulets caressing my skin as his fingers once did. I licked,laved and slurped it all off in selfish sweeps of my tongue even as I once tasted him. Bit down and closed my eyes in ecstasy as the sweet tang of his life brought a hundred nerve ends on my tongue to life; a slow tango if you will of the senses that we engaged in.

At the end of it, I sank my teeth into his hard core,a  stone heart in the midst of his soft flesh and lost my teeth and taste buds in it once for all. I lost my sense of taste that day.

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2 Responses to On my lover as a mango

  1. whoa.. someone has an ax to grind against the lover :D

    You shouldnt have named it thus.. killed the suspense of the writeup

  2. Naa, its fiction, the lover is very much toeing the line drawn so far :P
    And had to name it because it is family blog you see :D meaning my little cousins also read it :P

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