New Year Update

31st Dec – An update
It’s the New Year and I have spent this New Year eve in front of my PC. The usual plans of partying were bandied about for a while and then I had this revelation in the form of my mum holding my credit card bills in her hand and that steely glint in her eyes, which has caused me excruciating mental agony in all my previous encounters with it. And the verdict reached unanimously by my family – my parents and grandma still gives me the shivers – grounded!!!
How can a 26 year old be grounded??? – easily if you are surrounded by people who are bent on laying the guilt trip on you. And when in Chennai, it’s the norm and not the exception.
Conversation was stilted and the one concession given to me – “You may order for some Pizza for the evening if you want”.
And I pathetically grabbed at it, some how the picture of me eating some rasam sadam my mum was suggesting before rendered me quite incapable of eating anything for that evening and the Pizza acted as the best stimulant for my shattered brain – all those pictures I had of guzzling some good Old Monk after a long period of asceticism were pricking my nerves in a painful way!
The verdict from some of my so-called pals was the same – time to come up with those famous whoppers of mine and after having laid it on thick with my mater, I got an appeal in – go out once a week and come back before 11 PM. Since this was the situation before I got grounded, I decided not to push it and consoled myself with reports on the traffic jams clogging the place at 2:00 AM.
And I actually have to work on 1st, reason, the Chennai office will be open since we get two days off for Pongal. Some non-well-meaning colleagues of mine from the Mumbai office decided to get back at me for some previous antics of mine, none of which I reiterate were as painful, called me at 1:00 AM to give me a jist of all their activities and then dumped some work on me so that when they start work on Tuesday, their loads would be reduced!
Like I am going to do any such thing!!


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