Of trips to doctors

I had to accompany my mother to a doctor today so that she could have a quick check-up.
Unfortunately the doctor happened to be a pediatrist too and the place was pretty crowded. Since we stay way out of the city, there are no entertainment avenues available here. I can just imagine a family finishing their tea and saying,”There seems nothing good on TV. Let’s go to the doc. It’s cheaper than going into the city. Costs us just 50 bucks and junior here can get his shot on time!”
So the entire family dresses in their best, the mother and father, two sisters and junior (who is about 6 months old) and then, they call their neighbours with kids, and decide to go together.
Once they are at the doctor’s, they start to catch up on gossip, and start screaming, trying to drown out the voices of their bawling kids! And all those babies are surely training to be sopranos, I heard no bases in those squeals!
After we waited for about one and a half-hours, we finally got to see the doc and left, no more pediatricians, better stick to the general practioners unless you have no choice.


One thought on “Of trips to doctors

  1. if there are any television rights to this …and if jerry sienfeld aint trying to adapt it…then hey can i buy the rights…lol….this is a laugh riot..


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