Big girls don’t cry

(Written after hearing “Big girls don’t cry – Fergie (Album – The Duchess))

Shattered dreams, broken promises
Resounding in her ears
Feverish words once whispered
Through the night
Now fall flat
In the light of day;
Midnight calls once so treasured
Ring now of doom;

Fragile heart! Wounded by barbs
From one whose touch was velvet a long time ago;
Shadows that had crept up before
Ignored as mere imagination
Now return to haunt through the light
Light that now blinds her, light which should have shown the path before;

Tears prick through
But cannot be allowed to run down
Ruining the impeccable makeup she now wears
As her armour;
The luxury of bawling out loud
Has faded with her rising age,

Tender hurts such as scrapping of a knee
Would have once brought commiserations
And now, the bigger ones would bring just remonstrations
Of the way to behave, the appropriate words spoken
Not to console, but to berate;

So she sits there,
Back erect, eyes staring ahead,
Even as impatient knuckles rub the eyes red,
Do not cry now, my dear
It was just a dream,
And dreams turn into nightmares
With a word, a gesture so little thought of before
Its time to wake up now,
Time to be a big girl now,
And big girls don’t cry.


One thought on “Big girls don’t cry

  1. Oh my God!
    This has to be the most amazing thing I have read for sometime now.
    It almost captures what i was thinking through yesterday


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