"You were asking for it"

“You were asking for it”, is perhaps the most offensive thing a person can tell a woman who complains about the way some men stare at them, the reason being of course that she was not wearing acceptable clothes (read as loose flowing clothes that are shapeless), but had the temerity to wear a shirt that actually was a good fit…and when the person who says this is a good friend, you know you just want to lift that bike of his and throw it onto him and jump up and down on him with your high heels!!!
Forget the fact that any woman who is halfway decently dressed is ogled and jeered by the Chennai crowd, you now have all-knowing condescending b******* who decide that the only decent way for a woman to dress is to wear a burkha!
And they thought talibanism is absent in India…


4 thoughts on “"You were asking for it"

  1. i totally agree with you, its a question of woman’s freedom, if she cant wear what she likes for the fear of being blamed for some harm done to her , its still the dark ages we aE LIVING IN. Men cant get away just becoz they got a sensitive…certain thing…which needs the slightest..reason to be…..and the blame is put on a woman….boils my blood…..but hey the sight of you jumping up and down stamping somene with your heels would be something….lol


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