A little change

I have been asked a number of times whether I really keep in touch with all my friends, and unfortunately I had to reply in a negative.
I grew up in a hostel with 40 odd girls in my class and I am in touch with two of them (one of them being my sister).
I have said a hi via orkut to about 15 of them and I have no idea what the rest are upto.
As for my engineering college, I am in touch with two people again (about once a month, we scrap or message each other) and am more in contact with my business school batchmates (a grand total of 8 people fall in usually dialled numbers list).
The remaining friends are from work and people I met through the others (at a party/via other common friends).
There are no excuses that I can make for this behaviour (I could say no time, my work is too demanding/the others have no time anyway/distance matters), but in the end, somehow providing such flimsy excuses for not keeping in touch with people who once meant so much to me seems, kinda, excusing myself for having lost a part of me (if that makes any sense).
So I have made a new resolution now, make time (whether I think I am running out of it or not)and talk to these people. Its so easy to get carried away running around trying to achieve success in the material sense, that once you get there, you realise that you are alone, with noone there to savour it with you. And do we really need to measure success by the pay packet?
I consider anyone who is happy with their job and their personal lives as successful, unfortunately, in my firm atleast, I see so many people working from 9 to 9 everyday. When do these people have the time to catch up with their families?
Do they have any hobbies they pursue? Do they take the time to stop and just savour the day for what it is?
I do not want to end up like that and if it means taking an hour of a impossibly packed day to try and get my life on track, then thats what I will do. And I have been trying to convince my colleagues to do the same, and some of them seem to be sitting up and paying attention, so lets hope that together, we try and make a difference to this “work culture” that has descended on us all.
Call your friends now and then, just to say a Hi, surprise your families with treats more often, and take time off to read that book that you have had on your bookshelf for ages.


5 thoughts on “A little change

  1. i really got excited reading this piece, so finally someone has woken up…….i hope getting a time slot in ttht precious one hour wont be like getting a plot on the moon……….


  2. So I see you making a new resolution.. What you said rings so true.. There aint any point if we scale the peak alone with noone to share the joy.. Materialistic success is a moving target.. 🙂 Sometimes we only can do much.. we grow out of some relationships and all we have are those fond memories to cling to. We dont loose a part of ourselves, we grow out of them.. Do take time to cherish, care and love.. You are such a bundle of energy, am sure you are gonna spread cheer to everyone in touch with u..


  3. When you make it sound like a resolution, alas, it might just go the way of other resolutions I have made ;)Anyway I guess there is always a start


  4. rajalakshmi i just cam across ur blog in orkut.u stole the words from my mouth.Its a good piece of confessing that how we dont maintain relationships..keep posting buddy…


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