Enrique’s Insomniac

Love him or hate him, you can’t really write this singer off. Perhaps less flamboyant than another Latin singer – Ricky Martin, Enrique’s songs usually deal with angst and passion.
A common criticism when it comes to Enrique’s albums is that his songs sound the same after a point. I agree with this, for e.g., the “Ping-Pong song” sounds almost the same as “Addicted”.
However, I also am still a huge fan, simply for the lyrics that he uses in his songs. Addicted, Bailamos, Rhythm Divine still feature in my all time-favourites. To this list, I now add another one – “Push”, from his new album – “Insomniac”.
His new album has been past due now, and he does justice to the wait through this collection. All the songs are something to write about and the gems in this album include Push, Somebody’s Me and Tired of Being Sorry.


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