Am poorer now!!

Unfortunately lost the dare I had with V!

I never realised how tough it is, to have a routine that never varies, office, back home and sleep. It sounded so easy when I first heard it, then realised that there were just too many events that I was missing.

I missed “Chak De” when Dil when for it, he was a sweetheart, got the tickets on the Sunday preceding my birthday and I turned him down 😦

And yesterday, I just could not stand it anymore… Went and watched Transformers with G, a doctor friend and G’s friend from a consulting frim (who was absolutely cute but quiet) and then had a single malt, met K at his office and then went back home.

This actually shows how desperate I was to get out somewhere, since I have also been cooking at home (my mum just got back to Chennai today, not a day too soon, thank God)!! I got up at 6:00 AM on a Sunday just so that I could clean, cook breakfast and lunch by 10:30 and leave for the movie. Did I mention the “Single Malt”? After the week I had, that was very very welcome, thanks G.

But, I think the day was worth the money, and since its V, I can always dare him to do something else (hmm…I could dare him to stay off reading for a month, he would go nuts without his Shelley and Keats, evil snicker in place now 🙂 )


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