Time for some EPO

EPO might soon be the name of the game for Indian companies that are on the look out to make a pile from the outsourcing game.

For the uninitiated, EPO – Emissions Prevention Outsourcing, where companies in the developed economies (read US and some of Europe) outsource the responsibility of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases to meet the Kyoto Protocol guidelines in a cost-effective manner.

As one of the most ingenious minds today, Yvo de Boer, states after arguing that it is cheaper for developing countries to reduce their emissions,

“So it actually becomes economically quite attractive for a company, for example in the UK, that has a target to achieve this goal by reducing emissions in China.”

I am getting a few business plans ready today for reviews by companies interested in making a quick buck.  All you need to qualify for this is to be in a developing country and show that you have done your bit to reduce the emissions produced (“We are advocating the use of unleaded petrol to our employees”, “We are targeting forested areas for our manufacturing businesses, plants just love the stuff we send out through our vents, they eat them up, you know” and of course, “We are recycling everything here, even dusty air and employees need to breathe that in, so dust enters them instead of the atmosphere”).

I wonder if the anti-outsourcing league would fight over this and what they would have to say about it…


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