Who am I?

Who am I?

Am I the confident, yet harsh, executive

Who storms into meetings looking like a thunder-storm

At some minor details that others have forgotten to check

Who flays them for being, after all, just human?

Am I the social butterfly

Who loves to dance and sing

And meet people

Charming everyone into becoming her next best friend?

Am I the neurotic woman

Who stays awake calling people at night

And ranting and crying through

Trying so desperately to prove to herself that she is not alone?

Am I the dreamer

Who still weaves enchanted spells

Of magic and myth promising everlasting peace and happiness

Aware that while castles in the air are fine, they are not the real thing?

Am I the cynic

Jaded and sore at the world

Heaping disdain on emotions and writing off altruism as a lost art

Wincing at what the world has become and not expecting it to become any better?

Am I a woman

Who trying to play so many roles

Has stretched herself

Losing her identity in the process of living?

Who am I now?

And what will I be tomorrow?


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