I have not been entirely honest with most of my friends and family, especially when it comes to any relationships that I might be in.

I have always laughed off any comment by a friend when he/she asked me if I ever thought of settling down, why I never seemed to be able to find someone in my life….

I guess I was protecting myself, when I pretended to others that I really did not care for anyone, the pretense would almost convince me and make me immune to any possible hurt from any relationships.

So, my confession today is, yes, I have been in relationships where I thought everything would work out, and then I would wake up to the fact that I really did not want to be in that relationship.The one relationship that meant to me the most, I know, will never happen.

I want now to be free, of any emotions, all I want to do is to drift from day to day and not have to blink and lie when someone asks me again “What do you think will make you really happy?”


5 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. I mean, we’d make a great pair. The relationships i’ve been onto can no way be called a “relationship”. Rather we can address it as slave trade.

    My first date on feb 13th happened to be “I’m gonna marry a filthy rich NRI, please give me advice” kind of a discussion.

    If that makes you feel any better, well you can buy me smirnoff since i made you feel good.

    I also have instances of “neenga enakku anna madiri” dialouge instances which can make you feel so good inside that you will think you are so fucking better off than me. 😀


  2. I was afraid..I had a phobia of relationships….didnt want to break my heart or whatever else they say in that field, well it was a phobia alright, couldnt think of gettng into one without 100 % gauarantee…..but then eventually you are heartbroken and all you fears come true, and then…..Well…yesterday talking to a pal we decided to join the OBiTS club ( once bitten twice shy )….or have I written an obit for my own heart….well cheerp girl you atleast got the Spirits to keep u company…..


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