Counting my chickens before they hatched

I did the cardinal sin that I have always tried warning my team members against, I got complacent on a job.

I could have sworn I had the entire project sewn up, called my boss, got him to promise me a treat, raised the bill on the client, went for that body massage I had been dreaming of for so long and went partying on Friday night.

Well, it actually wasn’t much of a party, unless you count getting denied entry into two clubs because there were too many stags in the party and finally getting a table at Zaras (I love the place and thankfully the maitre’d recognised me and got us a table in that overpacked restaurant. I always knew generous tipping would come in useful sometime). Had three Teachers’ (and half of a vodka with 7-up while checking if my friend’s claim of it being more 7-up than vodka was true, and he was right).

Dinner was at The Residency and by then, the sleepless nights (about 5 in a row by then) and my empty stomach (my last meal had been about 48 hours before) began to take their toll and I just kept my head down. And of course, a group of friends had to walk in then and greet us and talk, I was told later I made no sense at all, that I just kept repeating, “I need to sleep, I need to sleep, am tired, haven’t slept for long”, which makes sense to me even now, surely, that meant that I was tired and get me to bed, pronto…

The next morning, I get a call from my client asking me for a meeting on sunday  and I am just back from that meeting and have been told to continue on the project for two weeks more. No use explaining to them that I am booked solid and will be in Mumbai from the 3rd of October, its their way or no way.

So my Mumbai visit has been reduced to till the 8th evening and will be back on this project. Wonder if I will be able to get in enough sleep atleast this week.

And the irony, my client telling me to take care of my health since I seem down of late, wonder if he checked the last time he let me get some sleep…


5 thoughts on “Counting my chickens before they hatched

  1. ………hey u r the best….
    u r like the thornbird..a legend, but while it sings only once in its life u do it everyday singing a song that rises above ur own agony to out carol the lark and the nightingale. One superlative song, exsistence the price. But the whole world stills to listen , and God in his heaven smiles. For the best is only bought at the cost of great pain………Or so says the legend…”

    Hey take care of ur health Kid..even to be a NUTJOB like u one needs energy, so if u have to kill urself working u might as well eat and sleep because u dont want to die from lack of sleep or food, but overwork….ok now i am not making sense i will shut-up….


  2. I just brought a handgun. I’m gonna put a bullet to hypocritic clients who ask u to “take care” of ur health when they dont give you time to eat, sleep and shit.

    will update here once i see some blood! 😀


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