One of my badly kept secrets is that I am a sucker for musicals, and one of my favourites is “Oklahoma!”.
All I need to do when I am low is to watch this movie and I end up with a rueful smile and sleep better after this.
The song “What a lovely morning” was something I used to listen to religiously every morning in Mumbai for about six months, so much that my ex-roomie would break out into song with it, she thought I was crazy and could never understand why this movie was one of my favs.
But if I had to list down the reasons, they would be
a) Characterisations – These have been beautifully illustrated and at one point, I also pitied the villain of the piece
b) Music – Most of my favourite songs are in this movie
c) Storyline – Subtly told, it deals with the basic differences between farmers and cowboys and biases that existed in those days
d) Locales – Beautiful country-side with a gig driving you, heaven!!!
And I am listening to these songs again and smiling, I am in heaven now…


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