Remembering a friend

We now seem to have reached a passe
Where we have decided to go separate ways
And yet, my friend,
Know this
That I shall still offer that little prayer for you
That I always have before
For you are still a friend,
Even if I know
That I need to remove that number from my cell
I still have it written down
In my head
And my fingertips go of their own accord
Over the numberpad
Typing out the number once so familiar;
It’s been more than a month now
Since we said “Goodbye”,
But how was I to guess
That it meant for ever;
Words that were hastily said
Now cannot be recalled
Inspite of fervent prayers
That mayhap we could patch things
That seem to have been torn apart;
What was once so beautiful
Now reduced to mere dust;
Crumbs that seem to be scattered
Pushed further apart by egos so huge
And apologies tendered by one
Refuted by the other;
Be at peace, my friend
And remember me now and then,
Maybe not with affection or even with a kind thought
I ask for no more
Than being a memory
That you dredge up now and then
Rather than let it be one of the leaves that fall come autumn
Just remember
And I will be satisfied
That I have left an imprint on your life’s page
Just as you have on mine…


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