Remembering my roomies

It’s been raining today morning; and even as I wallow in the warmth of the office, with a cup of tea in hand, I remember the days in Mumbai and all those wonderful women who had the great opportunity to become my flat/room-mates πŸ˜€

I was blessed when it came to these women; I got the cream of the crop. And this post is dedicated to two of these wonderful ladies who, after living with me for about a year each, decided that living with a man would be easier and decided to join that elite band – the married spinsters (If you think this phrase is wrong, let me explain – when women marry but get their husbands to dance around them, in short, live the free unfettered lives of spinsters, they become a part of the band of married spinsters. They just let someone else pick up the tab at various places they go to :).)

1. Salz – Haa, where can I start with this boisterous person who taught me to laugh and cry at the same time?
She was so sweet she would walk down with me to the flat in the rain, singing at the top of our voices a la Kelly – ‘Singin in the rain’. This would be followed by mugs of steaming hot chocolate at the room and we would settle in to read the books that we would hoard from Crossword during the weekends.

And the Friday dinners at Tunga, she with her stuffed Pomfret, me with a dish of Rajasthani Bhindi and a Green Garden, talking about the week and planning for the weekend, I still miss those nights. Its now a tradition that every time I visit Mumbai, I insist on her joining me at Tunga for dinner.

The Poha that I would make, a congealed mess that she would gamely try (a recipe I still can’t get) and the volleyball game that I would wake her up every Sunday morning to watch (and ogle at the guys in the colony, though there were too few), the discussions we would have late into the night about nothing at all, the patience she had while I would force her to watch my musicals….

2. Sonz – Put up with me at school for two years, got in and out of touch through college and got back together as roomies in Mumbai for about 8 months.
She taught me the basics of cooking and shopping (granted the shopping was more fun than the cooking).

Hanging out at Phoenix Mills, listening to that really cute guy playing the Piano on Sunday afternoons and nursing a coffee at the same time, going in and buying little red tops for her and black sequined “AND” tops for me, while she gave me a lecture on the necessity of losing more weight – priceless….

Her bachelorette party, when she surprised us all…

And of course, the nights when I would persuade her to accompany me to Sports Bar;
and she would so gamely sit in and inhale those smoke clouds and not complain, I just don’t appreciate her enough!!

Two women whom I miss a lot, and call now and then to disturb, one of them has now moved to a sleepy little town in TN, a haven I can move to some weekends (as long as her husband doesn’t throw me out) and the other that I look forward to meeting every time I am in Mumbai and when she is in Chennai, thanks for putting up with me…


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