On Apologies

Of late, I have been doing a lot of apologising, even when I am sure I am right (but then I am always sure I am right! 😀 )

But it saves a lot of energy and trouble this way, I mean who has the time to sit and argue when there is just sufficient time to catch those 40 winks!

However, there are certain times when I feel that people do deserve apologies from me, especially when I know I have hurt them (I have never learnt to dissemble and say those sweet nothings while cursing them later).

And I have discovered in the midst of all this, something that I never could have predicted, I am actually at peace with myself once I apologise to these people, it’s like a little needle that was pricking away at me has finally stopped and I can get on.

On a lighter vein, I think I have also got the art of apology down to a pat.

a) If the apology is made in person, I look duly chastened and after a few hems and hahs strategically placed in the conversation, I blurt it out and look like a little wounded pup. This always gets people to take your apology in the right spirit and dismiss those few words you might have said in anger (if you were spiteful however, I doubt if any of this would work)

b) If it is done over the phone or through the mail, write a lot of “very very very” and phrases like “extremely anguished over the agony I caused” and blah blah. Just make sure it doesn’t come across as condescending.

And if you are one of the people I apologised to over the past few days, ignore the lighter part please, I did mean all those apologies I tendered this week 🙂


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