The Tata Nightmare

Middle class families in India are celebrating the launch of the 1,00,000 car. This brings their aspirations to an achievable level, considering the fact that possessing a car is still considered a status symbol in India.
In fact, check the matrimonial sites and you will see proud bridegrooms and their families posting “has a car” right up there with “own house”, “MNC job” and “foreign visits”, the other three must-haves for the Indian middle-class diaspora. Not to be left behind, the brides’ parents (brides actually posting in matrimonial sites are still frowned on, it just ain’t modesty, you see) state in their requirements for a groom for their little princess – “Preferable must have a car”.
Now all those gleaming eyes are focussed on the Auto Expo that the Tatas will hold and the car will be shown to the doubting Thomases who have now fallen into line and announced their plans for that little affordable car too.

And the commuting hours will worsen, the infrastructure at cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad is already coming apart, Chennai running them a close race.
Do not listen to the statistics of just 0.1% of population who will go for these cars, remember our population base and extrapolate this to the fact that it will most probably be these cities that will see the most activity among the buyers for this little miracle.
It will be a nightmare come true, but then, I am accused of being a pessimist by some in this matter. Who knows, maybe the flyovers and bridges that have been under construction for the past 8 to 9 years will be miraculously ready in 6 months and the fact that these have been constructed with no concept of urban planning will not hinder traffic movement.

Edit to this

I am not blaming the Tatas for launching the car nor am I against getting the prices down to affordable levels for common man
I am mainly just bemoaning the lack of infrastructure and the fact that all the supporters here seem to be missing the same issue.


3 thoughts on “The Tata Nightmare

  1. Hey.. 🙂 Now, am waiting for a massive outage on Indian roads.. and a little revolution to happen in India with this affordable little car.. It looks fab on pics!


  2. It does look fab and yes, it will be a revolution
    But lets also look at issues that we will face, the IT corridors are going to be packed worse than ever
    And we will have a spate of new drivers who do not understand the traffic rules (wait a minute, that is already the sad state in Chennai)…


  3. The Tatas have brought a revolution in the auto sector.. They have provided a solution to people’s aspirations.. When the Govt. machinery was well aware of the launch of this car, they should have been prepared.. in terms of flyovers, better mass transit systems, hiked parking charges, etc. However, they have just been talking about the problems rather than doing anything about it..


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