For an ex-friend

“Promise me we will always be friends
No matter what happens”
A derogatory laugh and a look of contempt
When you stated this
For we could never live without each other, or so we thought
A mere phone-call away always
When solitary nights had to be faced with fear and misery
A single number dialled
When all calls but yours would be ignored
And the songs that you would sing to me
At 3 AM
Trying to put the demons in my life to rest;

Where are you now?

Do you sigh and gaze at the moon on sultry nights
Thinking of the times when we would sit and watch
The stragglers trying to get home
While sharing that gelato at Phoenix
Sharing secret smiles and laughing at jokes
That in the light of day do not make sense?
Or do you just shrug
And consider that chapter closed
For you have moved on now
To bigger things and better places
And say “forget me”
And I will,
Just do not ask it of me yet,

No one ever said letting go could hurt like this…


3 thoughts on “For an ex-friend

  1. oh – this touched me. So many friends have kind of drifted in and out of our lives – and one always thinks “They’ll be there forever.” I’ve only had one true friend that has been there forever – but I’d rather have that one friend than a bunch o’sorta there friends.


  2. tmulcahy: I agree, there is no such thing as always, but we always hope that the day to let go never comes, don’t we?
    bakersgurl : Thank you and you are lucky with that one friend, they are better than all the rest put together, aren’t they?


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