Wake up…

Now that King Guaire has triumphed
Over the carcasses that you have strewn at his feet
Isn’t it time that you were hit by a bolt of reason
And ripped his mask off his face?

But you shake your head
You like the mask there
For it gives you strength and hope
To face a known untruth
And rather than risk losing it all
You want to hang onto a little thread
Looping it around yourself
Trying to become more secure.

Even as he watches the shambles that you have created
Trying to prove your worth to him
You have gone sleepless, content in the pursuit of happiness
A happiness that comes at the cost of losing yourselves
Why do you let him toy with you?

Two best friends, sundered by a man
Who has enjoyed tearing the two of you further apart
To whom commitment and faithfulness is blasphemy
Whose sole joy is watching those tears trickle down your face,
Watching you struggle to gather the pieces and put them together again
Wake up, Girlfriends
There is something nasty brewing here
And it has a mask on it which needs to be removed.


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