At the office today:

11:00 AM

A phone-call:

S: So when are you in Mumbai?

Me: On the 11th morning

S: Can you pre-pone your visit?

Me: Why? Something important?

S: Yup

Me: Oh! Is it something to do with XYZ project?

S: No dumbo! We are planning a girlz night out on 8th and you have to be there!!

Me: Sorry, can’t make it then. Maybe next week sometime?

S: Ok. What are your plans for Mumba?

Me: Catch up on my sleep

S: Right!

Me: Seriously… And by the way, when you plan the girlz night out, lets do it Wednesday.

S: Why?

Me: I will be working late the other nights

S: You have changed….No more party sharty

Me: Yeah, I think I have grown into a mature woman

S(snorting): You haven’t changed that much!!!

In the Chennai office
At 2:30 PM

The guy sitting at the corner (TGSATC): Wassup?

Me: Er..

TGSATC: So do you have some news you want to share?

Me: Well, I have started work on this new project…blah…blah

TGSATC: That’s not what I meant! You actually have some gold studs on and are dressed like an Indian woman today!

Me: I always dress like an Indian woman! And who dictates what makes an Indian woman anyway….

In my cabin:
4:00 PM
A girl who entered (AGWE)

AGWE: Kya baat hain aajkal?

Me: Kya?

AGWE: You are dressed decently today

Me: What!

AGWE: I don’t mean you dress indecently otherwise

Me: Thanks!

AGWE: I mean, you are wearing a salwar kameez with a dupatta

Me: Well, wonders never cease….

I never truly realised that dress maketh a man (woman in this case) even in Chennai until today.

And to think, I just throw on some sneakers and walk into office thinking no-one bothers to notice…shudder…


2 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. You sweetheart can never be just another mature woman! [:D]
    Took your advice by the way and have to say I feel better now


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