A Cause And Effect Tale

A horrible and exhausting day at work

A kingsize headache due to a hangover the previous night

Best friend gets you high on a bottle of wine and five whiskeys as revenge for comments to wife

Wife of best friend threatens him with a bad night ahead

You take revenge on your best friend by repeating certain incidents about best friend and his previous girls and a certain Taj Lands End Hotel

Best friend brings along an obnoxious colleague of his to be your blind date for the night as revenge (not the cute colleague 😦 )

You apologise to best friend and ask him to postpone dinner by 3 hours, he gets annoyed and argues that you give more importance to your work than anything else, you stand firm

You realise you are going to be late for dinner with your newly married best friend and his wife and that cute colleague of his you had a crush on

Bossman asks you to take over a presentation from a colleague at the last minute and to host a web conference that will last for three hours, the conference is to start at 7:00 PM

Your boss learns of your dinner plans when he hears you gush about them to your cabin mates

You tell your boss that the colour of his shirts is the only entertainment in an otherwise drab week

You have been antisocial for sometime now and it is getting on your nerves, this lonely existence


7 thoughts on “A Cause And Effect Tale

  1. looking from the comments it certainly looks like one person’s misery is another’s entertainment. Well you certainly have somthing called ” Free Will ” not even the Devil can hinder you from excercising that .


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