You know you are getting really old when you go for a girls night out and

a) Want to kill yourself halfway through the journey to your colleague’s house, trying to keep out the dust and filtering comments through, flanked by two young things, wondering if this was such a great idea

b) Talking about bikinis and bosses in one sentence sends everyone into gales of laughter and you are the only one clutching your stomach and waiting for the pain to subside

c) The music played is through a phone and you are one of the two people trying to dance and clown around until you realise it’s not much fun dancing to an audience who don’t join in

d) You get tired of the entire process by 1:00 and go to sleep

e) You are up again by 3:00 and find yourself sitting on a ledge and looking out a window and realise that’s what you wanted to find the entire night – solitude


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