Curse of Well-Meaning Relatives

Ever noticed how relatives seem to crawl out of rotten wood-work at the worst possible times?
While relatives as a breed are something to run away from, there are the well-meaning ones who are the more dangerous.

Posing as old aunts and uncles who have nothing but the best for you in their mind, they invade your homes with a battleplan in mind:

Step 1:Call up and check how the family is doing and learn that the lady of the house has not been doing too well

Step 2:Pour out their condolences and suggest that they come down to help, just for a month or so

Step 3:You try telling them that you have everything under control, then you learn that you have to go out of town for a couple of weeks and the relatives come storming in

Step 4:You get back to a house that looks like a hurricane has just swept through a pig sty and weep silent tears at the filth in your kitchen

Step 5:They finally take your hint that they can leave and promise to visit everyday to check on the progress of the invalid (who has been miraculously cured when she sees daughter walk in the door, ahhh, actually that is after she gets an injection at the hospital, but I am sure the seeing the daughter part helped 🙂 )

Step 6: They turn up at lunch the next day and the day after

Step 7: You get the hint now and start cooking for 7 in the place of 4 people for the rest of the week

Step 8: You still prefer the cooking and cleaning to them moving in again to help you

Sometimes I wish I had relatives who fought with us and never bothered to turn up instead of the well-meaning ones!


5 thoughts on “Curse of Well-Meaning Relatives

  1. I am yet to meet a relative who is not the pain in neck 😛 Man managing these relatives and relationships with them ( with their unsolicited advices) is not my cup of tea 😦


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