A fist closed so tight
Trying to hold on with all its might
Yet the sand trickles through
Fingers that were clenched till they turned blue

(A lousy rhyme with nausea-inducing phrases, it captures my mood today completely.
So wanting to let go, the fingers just don’t unclench and I wonder what I am more frightened of:
A new beginning or the end of the old me)


3 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Never hang on to anything too hard, the new you the old you whatever adapt mix n match for the need of the hour, evolve, grow, thats what growing is about never be hung up on something, people, things if it has gone it has, let go, if u can change something change, if u cant-accept it as it is or let go. It only gets as complicated as u make it.—- ( sage words from an uncluttered mind that doesnt even know what it is saying..lol )


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