My Camelot – In ruins

Knights of the Round Table

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Last night I lost a friend
Or maybe he lost me;
This habit of mine seems catching –
Losing friends has become easier day by day;

I wonder if it’s something I did
Or said
And I agonise over nightmares
Where I have no-one
Or the ones I have
Are all those I do not care for;

Then I remember a few names
And repeat them to myself
And smile and dare the night
To do its worst
My knights and ladies (sans the armour)
Who have always stood by me;
And every time someone leaves the round table
I sigh and re-count;

I lost my Galahad last night
And it wasn’t to Lancelot or Arthur
Maybe that would have made it easier
To let it sink in;

I lost him to the court jester
Who rejoices in making all laugh around
While playing them for fools;

But perhaps losing Galahad wasn’t such a loss
His armour was increasingly tarnished
And his Holy Grail grated on me;

I never understood his quest
Nor did he mine;
And so my farewell couched in lines is bid;
Knowing that the knight who meant the most to me
Will never understand this verse, I say to him – adieu.


6 thoughts on “My Camelot – In ruins

  1. sigh !! knights leaving the table @ night , well if your galahad won’t understand your verse did he belong @ ur table in the first place ?? also on the roster called ‘ my frends ‘ there is always a reshuffle every now then, the real ones remain and the rest get seived out. grain from the chaff .


  2. Sai,
    Tag of fiction at this post 🙂
    But answering whether a Galahad who cannot understand my verse belongs to my table, yes he does.
    My verses are a part of me, not the whole of me, and if I wanted a person who understood the whole of me, that would be asking a bit too much, eh?
    This was written after I read King Arthur and the Round Table last night and while talking to a friend who compared an ex-friend of ours to Galahad. 🙂


  3. Love the Arthurian references. And you have a lovely way around the language. To you, CR, I take the proverbial hat off. 🙂

    I have always loved King Arthur and found myself in love with Lancelot from when I was a kid :).
    Thanks for the lovely compliment.


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