Let’s talk leather

So I am out of my sulky anti-social mood and back to being my sunny, exuberant self.
To mark the transition between these phases, I decided to meet a couple of friends at the Leather Bar, which is a very well known bar at The Park.

Reasons for choosing this place:
a) You can enter at 7:00 PM and not attract stares marking you as a wierdo/nerd for starting a saturday evening so early
b) Decent crowd
c) Absolutely no chance of running into people you want to avoid (the decider by the way)
d) Great cocktails

Chennai has a great nightlife for those interested in exploring it (yes, places close down between 11:00 to 12:00, but, hey, nightlife need not just pertain to drinks and discos, right?).
We entered the place promptly at 7:30 and the tables were already booked.
They asked us to sit on a few upholstered seats that were just right for me, but a bit cramping for my friend (who is way taller), so we shifted to the bar.
I was already nursing a bad cold, so decided to stick with the some hot water flavoured with cognac (yes, I diluted the drink that much) and then was tempted into trying a mojito when I discovered that the bartender did know how to make it!

I have been searching for a place in Chennai that can get this drink right (the bartender at Zaras surprisingly does not get it right, as for the exorbitantly expensive “Above Sea Level”, their cocktails are really out of this world and hopefully will not be found on Earth again) and was gratified to find that the drink was as good as it looked here.

On conversing with a few people, I discovered that the name is a salute to Chennai known for the number of leather dealing businesses here and the walls are done up completely in leather.
And since I was sitting at the bar, I was pleasantly surprised to note that they had a very well-stocked bar. Single malts are difficult to come by in Chennai and they had the entire range (including Glen Drummond, my absolute favourite!)

The price was right and the starter we ordered was delicious (Fried beans on nachoes with cheese, though we didn’t discover any beans there). Ratings for the bar as as follows:

Decor: 4/5
Music: 3/5 (too loud after sometime, it actually echoes even in the foyer of the hotel and invades 601’s premises)
Crowd: 4/5
Drinks: 5/5
Price: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/5

And yes, the cold made its presence felt with a vengeance once I had a tequila shot and I felt miserable the rest of the evening. I have a feeling that the neighbouring party was under the impression that I was drunk and and one of them did ask my friend if he needed help with me.
I had to bunk down at my friend’s flat since I couldn’t face the journey home that night.

And the wonder is, I think those drinks have cured me now!


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