My dreams were stardust
Beckoning and tempting
Like a beacon to a shore
That seems just of reach;
I blew it away
And watched the stardust
Scatter across the field of life
Getting trampled underneath
Cruel and unthinking feet;
And watching them
I woke up
For stardust is nothing but elusive
And chasing it is for another day;
I am rooted once more
In dull drab reality.


5 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. Stardust and Illusions are sometimes more real than the reality.. Try it gal.. 🙂

    –Hmm, right now, am enjoying myself in reality today to want to go to that now.
    Did I mention the showers in Chennai for the past two days which means I can bask in the cool air again? 😛


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