Rhapsody @ Marriott

I had been planning a review on Rhapsody, a restro-bar at Marriott (The Courtyard) on Anna Salai as a feature in my nightlife and bar review categories.
I did go there last friday with three other friends, but spoke to their Marketing manager who said that they would be relaunching Rhapsody as an Italian restaurant this 27th (It will be open to the public on the 28th).
Since I expect to be there for the launch, I will cover the same once the launch is done, which means that this week will go by without a restaurant/bar review.
Sorry foodies.
Then again, I just might discover some new place and if I do, you will learn about it.


5 thoughts on “Rhapsody @ Marriott

  1. Rambler,
    I wish I could do those too. I have heard so much about the Bangalore scene that I am thinking of coming down there for a weekend and covering something.
    And I refuse to believe that you can’t find company to explore night life in the IT hub! Me thinks you are being a bit too picky then. πŸ˜€


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