For Narcissus

They say you were punished
Because you were self-obsessed.
Were you?
Or did you realise
Like me
That you needed to first understand yourself
Before you could study others?

Do you pine
For release
From your position;
This subservient attitude
That they have put on you
Because of the sin
You committed?
Falling in love
With oneself is forbidden after all.

And does it feel like a curse
This place given to you;
Looking down at a surface
Of pure water
Surrounded by green plants and weeds alike
Looking down at yourself
Almost kissing, but not quite?

Is it hard
Being left to the privacy of your own thoughts?
Do they haunt you
And disturb you
As mine do me?
And is it difficult
To spend eternity
Gazing at him who you love the most
Even if it is yourself?


2 thoughts on “For Narcissus

  1. Not related to the post,
    but why is this filed under Stardust?

    Stardust refers to the thoughts closest to my heart and my unspoken dreams.
    That’s why


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