I still dream about you
When I close my eyes
And I can feel your gaze
On me
Even when I know
That you are with someone else;

And it eats me up inside
Knowing that you have moved on
While I am still stuck in this mire;

Moving on should be easier
Than staying back
But moving on hurts even more
For if I did
Those last few months would be for naught.


3 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Sometimes your posts seem like mirror images of my thoughts. Like this one.
    The eternal conflict between moving on , and holding on a little longer has been a reality of my life . Something like being in a constant state of Erase & Rewind?

    However lovely the sunrise may seem
    It always ends a magical dream
    How ever comforting be the idea of a new day
    A part of me always goes away
    With the day that’s left behind
    I make another beginning
    With a feeling of Erase-&-Rewind

    hmmm… so is it really fiction, CR?:D

    Chandni, it’s fiction 😀
    And that is one lovely verse
    Captures what I am trying to say much better than the way I put mine across


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