Roll of the dice

This is an attempt at combining both the prompts – “Torrid” and “The Gamble” in Writer’s Island as well as using the Fibonacci Sequence I started last week:

Bleak Eyes
A parched throat
The end of a torrid affair
A broken heart camouflaged behind meaningless small talk
Shards of pain piercing through armoured sensibilities when hearing a certain husky laughter
Is this the end or the beginning of a new journey, one where barren lands can be rendered fertile through the roll of a dice, are you game to gamble it all away again?


15 thoughts on “Roll of the dice

  1. … depends on the jackpot I guess:-)
    The Fibonacci sequence was an interesting choice, though starting with one syllable, increasing by one each line and ending on six would have made a great symbolism for the dice:-)


  2. @All
    Thank You
    Nor would I 🙂
    You should do it, it’s worth the heartache now and then 😛
    Nope, most probably won’t happen
    I did think of it but couldn’t fit it in 😀


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