Sails Ahoy

Ok, I am not sailing anywhere, however I am going to be going on a bit of a trip next week.
Mumbai on Monday morning, Bangalore on Tuesday night, most probably Mumbai again on Thursday and back in Chennai on Friday.
Like all other office trips, probability of schedule changing is around 0.99, which means I pack for 2 weeks and may be back in two days.
Anyway am looking forward to a break from the sweltering heat that seems to have taken Chennai hostage, so any change right now is a good change.


4 thoughts on “Sails Ahoy

  1. Going to Mumbai… meeri jaan πŸ˜› Nice nice. Been two years since I have been there. Miss chor bazaar among many things.
    Two years?
    That’s a long time…
    Anyway I don’t think I will have time to do much other than a quick dinner with some old friends
    Most probably will have more fun in Blore


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