Snapshots of a hectic week

1) Had most breakfasts and dinners on planes
2) Went to a pub I absolutely adore with some great company in Mumbai
3) Watched the waiters perform the macarena for YMCA (Objectification of men can be so gratifying I say :D)
4) In meetings throughout the day, all the time fantasizing on how the guy sitting opposite would look with his face mashed in
5) The HP office at Koramangala is really good, unlike some little offices in Chennai which are exceedingly cramped and uncomfortable to work in
6) Kicked one Head of Risk Solutions, threatened a director that he would lose his throat if he laughed at certain ways of speaking Tamil!
7) Not a single cute guy to hang out with 😦
8) Details on salaries for 2008-09 circled, exceedingly disappointing!!!
9) Didn’t have the time to check out a single place in Bangalore 😦


One thought on “Snapshots of a hectic week

  1. not even a single place in bangalore??.,,you should have checked with me..some good places in kormangala..

    It was more a matter of no time than finding a place 😦
    But will definitely check with you the next time I am there 😀


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