Missing a friend

It’s 3:45 AM
Around the hour that we would call
And talk about everything
About nothing
I consider it the witching hour
For it’s the time I always wake now
And reach out automatically to the phone
But it’s silent now
And I wonder if someone else wakes up too
And talks, the way we used to.
A certain friend
Is missed
More because of what was
Than what is.


3 thoughts on “Missing a friend

  1. Amen. You steal my thoughts, girl! 🙂

    So you could link to this too…interesting!
    Always thought you were never the type who would be kept waiting for a phone call 😀


  2. Yeah, I know this. I know what you’re saying, I understand your sentiments. I used to be caught in that similar kind of friendship, spending moments in unusual time in the phone. And then when it was gone, the time, became like hollow part of day. What’s left are echoes of the memories ~ sometimes I even imagine hearing my phone ringing.

    Please click link below for the poem I wrote about it:

    “Confessions Of The Broken Heart”


    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    Jeques, you put it across really well.
    Thanks for the link


  3. You thought right. But for every person, there’s someone that comes along that totally shatters the normalcy in their life. In a good way, of course. This was my someone. 🙂

    Good for you that it was in a good way!
    Not all can claim the same 😀


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