Spaced out

I seem to have a problem on hand – I have books (loads of them) and am out of space to keep them in.

I tried cleaning the study at home today and decided to keep my books in the shelves here and began to cart them, I admit, I was the first person to be shocked at the quantity.

I pick them up everywhere I go, walking down a street, at railway stations and airports, while browsing through a mall and so they are here – piles of them, strewn across the floor, while I try to order them by genre – Classics, Poetry, Indian authors, Finance and risk (yuck! but my bread and butter,so…), Fantasy, Comics including Calvin (yay!), History, Romance, Chicklet ( a phrase I coined to refer to those little black dress books/cutesy girly books like “The Devil Wears Prada), Humour, Action, Adventure, Childrens’ …anyone tries guaging character through books read, I pity them.

Three genres I do stay away from – Horror, Self-help books and Philosophy and for anyone planning to gift me books in future, do keep this in mind (hints and winks included :P)

I had a few relatives who dropped in for a visit in the midst of this cleaning and their jaws fell wide open when they saw the collection. That said, to all the bibliophiles out there, I guard these treasures with my life, so be warned! Now I have one side of the study just dedicated to books and am not sure where to put any new ones that I buy.

Unlike other problems that I face, this is one I welcome. 😀
Though my mother has been threatening to get rid of them when my back is turned and I have already issued necessary threats to keep her at bay, I am seriously considering adding my own study to a new home I hope to begin work on soon.

Anyone with ideas on storing books in smaller spaces, do share!


2 thoughts on “Spaced out

  1. My advice is to just buy smaller books. Very often there are two or more versions of a book available and e.g. film editions are huge and have gigantic letters, but they usually still offer the previous edition which is a lot smaller. Really, it helps!

    Thanks, will try and do that the next time.
    I usually end up buying hardbound instead of paperback and I have to admit that they take up more space. Maybe it’s time to switch over.


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