I walked into a restaurant
And saw you sitting at the corner table
And wondered if it would be more prudent
To turn the man on whose arm I was
Around and find another hotel.

But prudence gave way to curiosity
And I wanted to see who you were with
This urge to compare oneself to the others
You were seeing
Was something I hadn’t yet conquered.

So I took a table close by
And angled my chair so that I could see her
And while pretending to listen
To my companion
(Who was anyway talking about himself again)
I began to muse:
“Hmm. She could lose a bit of weight
And that’s way too much mascara
And what a shoddy fashion sense
Who wears parrot green
At night
Under such lights?”

And my vacant stare and absentitious nods
Were not commented on by the guy opposite me
And I wondered
If while maintaining a steady stream of dialogue
He was scanning the crowds too
Trying to avoid any exes around
I wondered if this happened to all around
Reliving the past and castigating someone else’s future
If we were all so keen on avoiding ex-lovers
That we tend to forget the presence of the present ones…


One thought on “Ex-lovers

  1. actually I am intrigued what the new girl would feel, I mean the one in the parrot green, seeing a woman checking her out..and her insecurities about her current partner

    She most probably was checking out who her ex was with 😀
    Actually, I think she would be checking out the girl staring at her and thinking the same things if she realised she was her current’s ex. All women tend to downsize their potential rivals until they seem beatable at the attractiveness quotient (and I am not talking just looks here, it could be character, skills, achievement) 😛


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