Wish I could go to Delhi

A symbol of unity through sports, Greece would never have expected so much fanfare provided to the torch which has been put out and re-lit so many times that it must be wondering if its function is to symbolise peace or struggle. For that’s what we see when we look at the images shown, protesters trying to get at the torch, certain officials pushing them down while the bemused athelete is pushed around like someone is playing “spinning the top” with him/her.
And if they actually think that Delhi will face no problems as the police have things under control, they have to be kidding me. If I could get away for a day, I wouldn’t mind joining the protestors myself for a day.
I agree that linking sports to tensions in different geographies is not something one does, but look at what the Olympics mean to China – it’s their declaration of their might and arrival as a power to be reckoned with on the stage of the elite, and it is this declaration that I would protest, for with great power comes great responsibility (I am quoting people way wiser than me here) and I don’t think the Chinese have realised that yet.
As a matter of fact, there are no nations that I can name which seem to have realised this. And the Olympics have always been about power and politics. Anyone remember 1936?


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