There are times when you want to just lean back on someone and admit that you are tired. But the old fear crops up, what if you became so used to leaning that you forgot you had a backbone? What if the past revisited you when you let your guard down? Someone told me that there would be times when we would not be able to afford the luxury of tears, they never said that I would never be able to shed a single one.

A parched throat
Caused not by thirst
But by tears choked back
For so long
That everything has begun to dry
And something seems to be shrivel inside
Each passing day.


One thought on “Ramblings

  1. oh I seem to be have become a repeater :).. all I seem to feel is that one should not fear to open up, lean or even show emotions just because the last time it ended in a disaster.. I kind of feel like a Hypocrite who has never opened up to anyone. but continues to feel one should not fear opening up

    We all can dream of doing that, but it is tough to overcome one’s fears. 🙂


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