Rant for the day

Do you know what the problem with us Indians is?
It is the hesitancy we display when telling our employers that we have personal lives and would love to leave the office around 6:30 PM.
In our desire to progress and to show our efficiency, we all have no time too late to stay back and work and show our “professionalism”.
Professionalism is doing your job right, not putting in long hours. It’s about having the right work culture and ethic, not about calling in for conference calls around 8 PM and taking it to 10 PM.
Emergencies are fine, you have deadlines looming ahead, then yes, burn the midnight oil. But having a deadline everyday is sheer nonsense.
I for one never stand for it these days and give an emphatic no if work requires me to stay back after 8:00 PM, but I also know that this will affect my chances of a promotion. The issue is we all spend so much time talking and catching up, having tea, taking long lunch breaks that we get down to serious work only around 3:00 PM which is unacceptable.
So, the next time you feel like you are being taken for granted, put your foot down and stop working like it’s the end of the world, while making money to give yourselves a good life, do not be too late in beginning to enjoy your life.
Rant over.
Now to get back to work 😀


2 thoughts on “Rant for the day

  1. Rant @ the start of the day.. Lady, coming from you, this is a sheer surprise.. 🙂

    I have never been a day person and the “Hello Sunshine” phrase could never be coined for me 😛
    I guess I vented out when I saw the impromptu presentations my boss had lined up, you get tired of being the fire-fighter on some days 😀


  2. have started doing this from about three months..and I can already some heads turning..even though I have not been able to do exactly what I wanted to, but still its a start right..
    Wish I could forward you a mail which Narayan Murthy seems to have sent to all employees in infosys..my respect for him just grew out of bounds.

    That is great, someone needs to take the first steps here
    And please do forward that mail to me


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