Perhaps the saddest feeling is one of acceptance – acceptance that there is something vital missing in oneself to cause the kind of reactions that others show.
Like when someone states, “It’s so easy to fall in love, I just haven’t with you” or “You are fun to be with, but you are not the girl I can take home” or worse, “I would love to hang out with you. You are fun and different from the others, I wish I could care for you…”.
How can you love being with a person but not love them? And why do you expect love and devotion when you think anyone expecting the same of you is asking for too much?
And why do women fall for such men? There are times when you want to shake an otherwise intelligent woman back to her senses, but how do you do that to someone who is a very close friend? How do you tell her that there is nothing wrong with her, that it was the others who were wrong?
There are times I wish I could just hug her and keep her safe, to tell her that she is too naive, that there are heart-breakers all around, but that would be clipping her wings and so all I can do is watch her fly each day and make sure that she has a safe landing.


One thought on “Relationships

  1. oh, what cruel excuses for not falling in love with someone! why do people feel that they must additionally injure the already injured heart by adding salt to the wound?

    but, i have seen some very intelligent women in my life fall for the wrong guys….i suppose the heart does not decipher right from wrong….it just feels….and that is our achilles heel.

    I agree. All it needed was a no instead of adding the reasons.
    And intelligence never seems to be enough when it comes to seeing the way through a relationship.


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