The Last Flight

For Writer’s Island on the prompt of “Flight” and “Chance Encounter”:

She gazed at the others
As they left preening
Following her father
As he led them
Away from the dangers
Of the bitter cold and strong winds
In search of warmer climate
Where they could bask again
And spread their beautiful wings
Courting their beaus and girls;

A tear ran down her eye
She looked at her wings
And remembered the nice human
Who had offered her the bread
Soft and warm
So warm
That just remembering it
She could forget the snow drifts that would soon come her way;

Why hadn’t she listened
To the stories her aunt had told her
About the huge iron things
Which once they caught you
Could bleed you to death;
Why hadn’t she listened
When she was warned
That humans were no friends.

She looked down
At the metal vice
That was cutting through her feet
And wondered if her father would realise
That she was missing
Or if it would be too late
And watching the rest fly
She wanted to spread her wings too;

Atleast one last time
Feel the wind rush through her
Buffetted by the feathers
That were once the envy of her friends
Now dyed red
By the needles that were poking into her;

She closed her eyes
And sighed
She was up in the sky again
Joyous and free
And she could skim the waters
Of the ocean
Like she always wanted to do
The horizon was calling to her
And it had never looked so beautiful.

They found her the next day
And the family celebrated
A meal finally was available
After days of famine
And a little boy
With a piece of bread
Was the only one
With tears in his eyes
He had killed again
One who had thought him “friend”
And he would have to do it again
If his family was to eat…


7 thoughts on “The Last Flight

  1. @all
    Thank You
    I did that because I wanted to highlight the fact that you can not always blame the antagonist
    The rule of survival of the fittest does apply in some cases.
    It’s when the killing is done for pleasure instead of survival that it is intolerable and inadmissible


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