A review on “Liquids”

This review has been pending here for more than three weeks.
That should show my boss how busy I have been kept by work for the past few weeks. 😀

Liquids is a bar on the ground floor at The Raintree hotel.
I wasn’t exactly planning on going out that weekend, but a friend’s birthday party found me going here. Three of us entered around 5:00 PM (since I needed to be home that night by 7:00 PM) and so this review will not be filed under nightlife.
The decor was unique in that I saw some really wierd flasks on the walls (including some that reminded me of my Chemistry labs) and colours that I haven’t seen for quite some time, they enchanted and distracted me from the conversation we had with the bartender (I have forgotten his name, if anyone does know, please tell me about it).
The hotel guests keep coming in and seemed to know the guy behind the bar pretty well and I took this as a sign that he knew his drinks, but I just stuck to a Jack Daniels and so cannot give any feedback on his ability, but his conversational skills pack quite a punch.
I absolutely loved the place and the seats were comfortable, unlike the ultra-hip lounge bars which seem to select seats that make patrons squirm through out the time trying to get a comfortable perch.
The one thing that I can definitely complain about is the price, but that is the issue everywhere in Chennai where the import duty is about 73% on good quality scotch and then a VAT of 25%. (So 60 ml JD would cost a minimum 1500 Rs, ouch!)
So everytime you see the menu card to judge the prices in Chennai, know that you are going to be paying double that at the end of your night.
So that’s Liquids, a decent place to hang out and needs another visit before I can comment on it too much.


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