Three little words

They gave me flowers and books

And amorous looks;

They wanted to sweep me off my feet

Tried impressing with a fleet

Of imported expensive cars;

They dropped names, even of Tzars;

They sang songs and hired famous bands;

They were ready to sign the title of their lands;

They said they would hand me the moon

If I would but pretend to swoon

Over beautiful phrases and exaggerated gestures

And sometimes were ready to act as loony as jesters

Trying to coax a laugh, a smile out of me

They just couldn’t understand, just couldn’t see

That three little words would have done the trick

Three little words – “I Love You” would have done the trick…


4 thoughts on “Three little words

  1. Great poem, and I agree. Those 3 little words so easily say everything that all those other gestures do.

    It is nice to have some of those other things now and then too, however, just to let you know you are on their mind. ; )


  2. it was mean tto be simple, and all I had to see were those three words
    what I did not know was three simple things, when, where and how,
    so I came out with a way, and just tried this way
    sweets, chocs and movies, whatever its took,
    all I needed were the clues to hook,
    Little did I know, they were the things you hate
    And I ended up totally late.



  3. @Rambler
    When you bring me things you love
    And ask me to pledge my heart to you now
    Do you think I can read your mind
    Because you brought a chocolate of my favourite kind
    I have nothing against gifts per se
    But would rather that you just say
    What you feel and what you want
    Before asking me out for a jaunt
    I love it when you give me things which scream
    That I am a part of you everlasting dream
    But when you subsitute things for feeling
    Then I am afraid you will be left reeling. 😀

    P.S. I love what you wrote above and some girl is going to get really lucky one day. 😛


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