Ambition can be a cruel mistress
Flirting with promises of fame and wealth
Demanding more and more
Until she demands your very soul;

Temptress, seductive and wily
She ensnares you in her web
Until you are a mere shadow
That flits from home to work and back;

Nary a time will she give you
To devote to anyone but herself
Fiercely possessive, she clutches you
In a fist-tight grip;

And each time you think you have satisfied her
She demands, the greedy concubine that she is
For more, evermore
Drawing from you until you have bled dry.

For a friend of mine who is turning 29 this year and has never taken a day off in the past eight years, hasn’t seen his parents for more than three years and who is complaining of chest niggles, a friend who means so much to me that I spent three hours with him over lunch explaining why he needed a break.
For G, hope you enjoy your vacation in Singapore.


One thought on “Ambition

  1. why do I see a lot of myself in him, I spent first four years of mywork like this..and then suddenly I changed..I don’t know if it was ambition, I think it was priorities and they always change

    Rambler, am glad you got out of it
    If it was priorities, I can understand, but when you get so blinded by ambition that you go have just one goal in focus and allow the rest of your world to fall apart, that requires some fast remedy’


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