Sunday Fun

I know I said that I would have to curtail my social life for a spell because of all the pressure lately, but I did find time last night to hang out with some friends – Sai, Dil and S.J ( a bubbly friend of Dil).
We first hit Havana at The Raintree and were very disappointed with the music played, since they were airing the matches, they decided to forgo the music there. We left that place and went to The Checkers only to find that they are open till 1:30 – 2:00 only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
We finally ended up at Mocha for a quick snack and then went to Sai’s place where he had a new bottle of “Bombay Sapphire”, a gin that has different spices mixed in it including coriander. The taste was different and I loved it, it soothed my sore throat and unblocked my sinus atleast a bit.
Since three out of the four there were mad on photography, the rest of the night went mostly in them trying to get some great shots and trying different angles.
I got tired at the end and went off to sleep, so will just leave a few images here for you to comment on.


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