Last week

A few glimpses of the week before:

1) Waiting at the Bangalore airport for two hours for a connecting flight – this has to be the filthiest airport I have ever seen!

2) Walking on the roads of Mangalore, you notice two things – the absence of traffic lights (no wonder I saw atleast three accidents on the way from the airport to the hotel) and the not-so-subtle scent of fish that tantalises now and then when the breeze picks up

3) The Lebanese buffet at The Leela in Bangalore was sumptuous and am glad I caught it on the last day of the festival

4) TGIF is the same in every city – disappointing

5) Finishing a Merlot bottle by myself (with the exception of one glass) wasn’t too tough, to my surprise, I also didn’t get drunk, so yay

6) Meeting a friend after 12 years at a function held for celebrating her eight month of pregnancy can be fun, especially if accompanied by three other women you grew up with

7) The Mocha at Koramangala is exceedingly clean and bright, since when did Mocha look like a decent place? I missed the peeling plasters and the dilapidated conditions I have come to expect from every Mocha outlet, but the food was still great!



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