It’s hot here

It’s HOT here and I am dreaming of hills and mist around.

Am also dreaming of dumping loads of ice into a tub and entering into and refusing to contemplate coming out of it ever.

Have refused to look at temperatures, why would I want to torture myself looking at the red regions indicated.

Somebody save me from the heat, puh-lease.



4 thoughts on “It’s hot here

  1. I know it is hot here… which is exactly why I am doing ‘thiyagam’ and going to B’lore. Once I am gone, Chennai will be cool. 😛


  2. @NRSL
    You are lucky to have escaped 😦
    If I had the time, I would run
    Funnily enough, I got to know of your Bangalore trip at Mocha before I read it here, well, so much for my digital world 😀

    @All who have commented so far,
    All of you have one thing in common, you are all going to be enjoying the good weather in Bangalore while I sweat it out here 😦
    Am really jealous now 😛


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