Memories of dreamy nights flash by

In sepia at times, in monochrome at others

Reflecting our passions once kindled

When we couldn’t have enough of each other;

Words replay

Echoing in the silence of the night

 Giggles and gurgles dash again on my ears

As they strain to listen to the promises of yester-years;

Hot lips press against themselves

To lose the feel of yours against them

Nibbling, Biting, Laving, Loving

Teasing, Tempting, Alluring, Seducing;

There is a sheen now to my skin

Caused not by the power cuts so common this summer

But by the chills that still run through

Recalling the heat of your hands on it

Tugging, Begging, Cajoling, Coaxing

Maddening, Enticing, Worshipping, Luring;

Gyrating against the sheets

Remembering an embrace

That felt like it would last for ever

Even after the embers had cooled down

Soft, Tender, Greedy, Craven

Possessive, Protective,  Triumphant, Spent;

There is a cool breeze in the air now

And I can still smell your favourite perfume

Dabbed on my wrists

And my pulse races

Waiting in the dark of the night

And I look at the stars

And whisper, “He’ll be back

Some night

And you will stop laughing

And pitying me”.


 (Source: http://www.janushead.org/)

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