Girl Talk

I have been catching up with a couple of frens of late over gtalk and since these women have known me for quite sometime, am reproducing some tidbits, just to let the average reader know what we women get upto now and then on the net.

sue: OYE!

sue nayana is online.

 CR: hey


sue: nothin much

jus back home



Some faltu conversation


CR: lifes gud

works a bit hectic

but am enjoyin 🙂

sue: good

ppl like u cant complain

u’re partying ALL the time!

 (I wish everyone didn’t think this!)

CR: no way

havent been out for a long time

sue: u actually have quite a reputation for being one for the party scene…this regardless of the fact we’ve been hardly in touch

CR: from where is this reputation comin??

sue: so i can just imagine wat its really like

from whr??? i wonder!….lets see…


CR: i am goin to kill sonz one of these days


i really never partied so much anytime

just went out on weekends

and the last month in mumbai went out to meet frens

thts all

Sue: omigod!
plz dont go kill sonia

she never did any damage here

CR: then who!!!

sue: u can see for urself

JUST went out on wekends

JUST went out in bbay last mth

dig a lil more into ur past and it cud well be- JUST went out everyday while i was living in mumbai

CR: no way

sue: more like living it up in mumbai

ha ha ha ha

CR never made tht much money:(

and u realise i will most probably post this in my blog 😛

i mean this conversation

because it is really funny

Sue: WHA?

CR: yay

sue: why why why?

CR: bcuz ppl think i am havin a rockin life

sue: ooooh! anyway…honestly

CR: which is not true

sue: i feel quite honored

i’m a blog celebrity

hee hee

CR: ooh thank yu

Sue: soon u’ll’ve to pay to mention me here and there


CR: stop imagining things and building castles already

otherwise u will start askin me for royalty before i even post this 😛

sue: no no

post it

post every word i drop…u have no idea its worth!

(Some people would like to fleece friends soon I say, Sue, very very greedy of you to want payment to be quoted)


More faltu baten

 CR: just abt plannin to go to bed soon

its almost 11

sue: u stayin with ur parents then?

CR: yup

sue: wanna hit the sack?

go ahead

we cud catch up another time

CR:: naa

not yet

will go to bed in abt half an hour

cant sleep so early

sue: yeah….parties dont exactly end this EARLY…

CR:: yeah

but i am not at one now


sue: yeah but the body is used to sleeping at a fixed time

CR: nah

my body will go to sleep anytime i ask it to

remember how i used to sleep in school

sue: oh?


u werent the sleepy kinds

(Guess some things haven’t changed much then)


 sue: hey! is thr another blogger with the name Rambler?

CR yeah

\Rambler is a guy who blogs , u should check his site out, he is pretty good

sue: ok…got confused abt u leaving comments on ur on blog

CR \oh i have to leave comments

to reply to them

sue: yeah i knw

CR so my name comes as chennairamblings

……Random jottings of life exchanged

Sue: oh?

well to get back at u i wrote sumthg to the ptp group(ur sister)

CR: wht happened


i love u

pls pls pls

sue: eeks!

i dont louwwve you

CR: oh come on platonic love and all

dont u know

sheesh woman, me is straight i tell ya

sue: ha ha ha ha ha

 And of course, the second conversation with a certain lady friend of mine who still insists she is the one who taught me to party and stuff

 ANJALI: wht a scary pic!!!!!!!!!!!!
 me: look whos talking
  urs is even scarier
 ANJALI: lol
 me: 😀
 ANJALI: mine’s so cute!!
 me: a bird!
 ANJALI: cutie
  little birdie
10:28 PM me: am definitely not commenting on tht
 ANJALI: lol
  how ocme online
 me: so wht u doin?
  finally got some time
10:29 PM ANJALI: I always hv time for u babay!
 me: something wrong somewhere
 ANJALI: lol
 me: are u so drunk or something tht u think u r chattin with ur bf??

 ANJALI: even if i am nice
  u take it this way!
  now i better b rude!
 me: u r always rude
10:30 PM like u need to get ready for tht!
 ANJALI: idiot!
  look who’s talking
 me: i learnt it from the pro after all
 ANJALI: yeah yeah
  tht’s wht i call u!
 me: phbttttttt


Random insults exchanged


 me: so back?
10:48 PM ANJALI: yup

 me: oh my god
  u know it sounds like some cornie pick up line on orkut or facebook
  sweetie and 😉

 ANJALI: ha ha ha


Some slangs perfected and exchanged and new ones created


me: whts wrong with u
  thanks and all
just introduce me to some gud looking hunk when u r here
  and everythin will be fine
  glad u hv changed!
 me: and how 😀
 me: i am telling u i am learnin how to flirt also
 ANJALI: someone used to pull me away from guys
  and now
11:12 PM me: hello, tht was bcuz u used to make us wait on the stairs
 ANJALI: look at her!!
  way to go!!!!!!!!!!
 me: and chat away to glory
  don’t worry
  it’s a matter of time
 me: right
 ANJALI: and everyone gets to it!
  imagine if i told u i drink and smoke in college
 me: and remember that E&I guy i thought was pretty cute
 ANJALI: u would hv killed me!
 me: pls
11:13 PM they would all have died of shock
 ANJALI: u still like him
 me: haha
 ANJALI: can fix u guys up
 me: nah
  couldnt remember his name
 ANJALI: he’s single!
 me: just wanted to check tht
  oh yeah 

 ANJALI: lol
 me: the only one in tht gang who was cute
  and made tht waiting ok

ANJALI: yeah
  and now he’s in the US
11:14 PM me: oh gud
 ANJALI: lol
  like u this way!!
  he he
 me: and if he remembers me from college, he will run away for sure 😀
 ANJALI: ha ha ha
 me: seriously
11:15 PM remember how ur fren (was it vikas) or someone who was like my god, u have changed
 ANJALI: vishi
 me: oh yeah
  he had a cute smile too
11:16 PM ANJALI: wooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  i shld tell him tht
  he’s never had a GF in life befre
 me: come on i just said he had a cute smile
 ANJALI: beofre
 me: seriously
  u r kiddin right
 ANJALI: he would b glad to hear tht!
  no serious
 me: by the way, the kid is atleast three to four years younger to me
  i checked 😀
 ANJALI: we all keep telling him
  hw slhd find a girl
  he shld
11:17 PM me: oh he just needs to stop being shy
  and he will
 ANJALI: lol
  advise and all huh!!
 me: of course
am a proper agony aunt i tell u


Yeah, I got the contacts of a few cute guys out of her by the end of the conversation. 🙂

And just for the record, I really don’t party so much, really, truly, honestly, sincerely. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Girl Talk

  1. partying is a state of mind as much as it is going out..
    so going by that..I do think you party a lot 🙂

    btw how come people have a doubt about the gender of rambler always 😦


  2. oooh! who wudn’t kill for a debut like this! now its official…i’m a celebrity (whoever said JUST a blog celebrity)

    And thanks for dropping in, but still am not gonna pay you to quote you,atleast not yet


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