A national Vodkathon?

After hearing about vodkathons in different cities, have been wondering why no-one has proposed a national vodkathon.

It shouldn’t be too much of an issue if it is organised in different cities by people for the same day, with the blogger networks that are around.

Unfortunately for me, since I know very few bloggers, I am going to have to allow someone else to try and organise this if anyone is interested (with support from me of course)

Is anyone interested by the way?


3 thoughts on “A national Vodkathon?

  1. Ah! I used to organize the Alcohol marathons in Chennai, if you didn’t know. You should have pitched this idea to me before… we could have worked on it. But now am in B’lore… don’t think anyone will organize Chennai vodkathon marathons …

    But you never gave us an inkling of your move until the last minute 😦
    And since this was proposed to be national one, you could still do it in B’ore.
    Am sure you can also ask your friends in Chennai to do something, right?


  2. @Sagaro
    I deleted the previous comment while deleting some other spam, sorry
    But regarding the posting one week prior to the event, notice I didn’t propose any date at all? 🙂
    As for the rest of it, sorry, I do not know any abandoned flat or anything like that.
    Ah well, guess that wraps this one up.


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